The Rim and the Shore

The Rim and the Shore is a fantasy trilogy set in the region of Amala's Heart and the city-state of Apsia. There are three books in the series: Fold Thunder; White City, Burning Sea; and Ebb. There are also two novellas: "The Sun-tail's Song" and "Words Falling Like Fire." The omnibus edition includes all three novels and both novellas. This series is complete; while I would love to return to the world of Apsia in the future, there are no more books planned for The Rim and the Shore.

Rim and Shore Omnibus

The complete set of stories from The Rim and the Shore.

Fold Thunder

As the Jaegal Empire moves to war against the city-state of Apsia, an unknown player begins to manipulate events, and long-hidden secrets come to light that threaten not only the outcome of the war, but also the fabric of reality itself.

Erlandr, the sorcerer who longs to die and cannot, searches for the truth of his past while being guarded by his once friend Adence. The priestess Irwa seeks to conceal her past as she draws closer and closer to the man she has been sent to assassinate. Joaquim, son of a ruined merchant, is driven to smuggling--and worse--to shore up the family fortune. And Dag, once a killer for hire, has been drawn out of retirement for one last job.

Released April 2011.

Fold Thunder (pdf)
Fold Thunder (EPUB)
Fold Thunder (mobi) -- Kindle version

White City, Burning Sea

War and worse than war have been averted in Apsia. But now, months after the Rent was sealed within the garden, the ripples of that victory are beginning to show. In Mane, tension with Jaegal is high, and war looms on the horizon--a war that will devastate the eastern side of Amala's Heart. Some will try to prevent war; others will try to bring it. And some will simply try to survive it.


Joaquim has returned to Apsia—healed, in love, and at peace. When he arrives home, however, he discovers that things have changed in his absence. Jaecan forces besiege the city, his parents have entered the dangerous waters of Apsia’s turbulent politics, and Joaquim’s heirship to Bonacore Coi is the only thing keeping his family safe. And Coi is far from pleased with Joaquim.

Adence, still recovering from the terrible battle that left his soul fused with that of his former companion Erlandr, seeks only a life of peace. He discovers, however, that a mysterious darkness now inhabits Apsia, consuming the souls of the dead—and Adence is the only one left with the skills and knowledge to stop it.

Tides, former crew-boss and, more recently, fish-wife, keeps her head down and her knife sharp in case people from her past come looking. When she stumbles across an old enemy assaulting a child, however, her plans for hiding are forgotten, and Tides begins to cut a bloody path through Apsia. At the end of her path, the man who ruined her life: Bonacore Coi, and his heir, Joaquim.

Flesh and Fell

Flesh and Fell is a series that takes place primarily in the Thirteen Paths of Nakhacevir, with some portions set in the neighboring kingdom of Cenarbasi. There are three books in this series: The Dew of Flesh; The Harvest God; and The Mourning Spring, which concludes the series. There is also a novella, "Slaughter at Tachmaz" that bridges the first two books. A second novella, "Under Ahys," bridges The Harvest God and The Mourning Spring.

The Dew of Flesh

In The Thirteen Paths of Nakhacevir, in the city of Khi’ilan, the last of the gods-made-flesh still rules. But rebellion creeps ever closer, and the High Harvest draws nigh, when the streets will run red with the blood of human sacrifice.

A small group of revolutionaries works to overthrow their god, drawing on the magic of the dew of flesh to strengthen them. Some are motivated by vengeance. Others by necessity. But some have even deeper plans, plans that involve the blood of a god.

From foreign Cenarbasi, a woman haunted by her past arrives in Khi’ilan. Hired to assassinate the god-made-flesh, she quickly finds herself in a game where she knows few of the rules, and none of the players, and the small supply of foreign magic that she brings will not protect her forever.

Released September 2011.

The Dew of Flesh (pdf)
The Dew of Flesh (EPUB)
The Dew of Flesh (mobi) -- Kindle version

The Harvest God
The last of the gods-made-flesh is dead. In the sudden vacuum of power, many will struggle to control Nakhacevir of the Thirteen Paths.

Abass, one-time thief and pander, finds his return home cut short when the weight of having killed a god descends on him. When he leaves Khi’ilan, hoping to find a way to protect his family and forget the betrayals he has suffered, Abass finds himself drawn to Khaskander the Liberator, self-proclaimed emperor of Nakhacevir. Instead of safety, though, Abass is drawn deeper into the intrigues of Khaskander’s camp, where loyalties are always shifting.

Dying from the same magic that gives her strength, Fadhra sets out to finish what she has started: the total destruction of the eses. Her determination to kill the warrior-priests, though, forces her to make uneasy alliances within the ranks of the eses themselves, and soon she finds herself torn again between her love for Abass and her desire for vengeance.

Winter moves upon Cenarbasi. When Sefiye, a fat, middle-aged scholar, finds herself suddenly thrown from her comfortable post, she decides to travel north. Seeking confirmation for her heretical beliefs, Sefiye begins a search along the border of Nakhacevir that not only threatens to undermine the Cehulet priests of Cenarbasi but also holds the promise of a much darker secret. Something that even the rainbow gods of Cenarbasi wish to hide.

When the blood of the gods is at stake, there can be no friends and no allies.

There is only the blood. And the Harvest God who waits to reclaim it.

The Mourning Spring

The end of Nakhacevir’s first winter has almost come, and spring draws near. But with the promise of spring come new troubles. The First Father, awakened under the mountains of Ahys, has put forth his hand to kill a child of prophecy. As Abass struggles to find a place in the new Khi’ilan, he must shape a tenuous alliance in order to protect the people he holds dear and stop the First Father.

The Sophistries of June

The Sophistries of June is a contemporary fantasy set in the small, Midwestern town of West Marshall. There are four books in the series: The Indifferent Children of the Earth; The Grieved; In Broken Mathematics; and The Sacraments of Summer. There is also a novella that bridges the first two books: "The Wounds We Give and Take." A second novella bridges the second and third books: "Fool Star." A third novella links the final books: "The Hawthorn Gate." This series is complete.

The Indifferent Children of the Earth

When Asa Alejándro León moves with his family to West Marshall, a small Midwestern town, he’s looking for one thing: oblivion. Haunted by memories of his past, broken by what he has lost, Alex struggles to find a reason to live. And then he discovers that someone in his quiet new world is using magic—the very same kind of magic that Alex lost.

With that magic come old responsibilities that Alex is not ready to let go. When the dead begin to rise in West Marshall, and when the people Alex loves start falling inexplicably ill, Alex discovers that—even without magic—he still has a lot to lose.

And a lot to fight for.

Released November 2011.

The Indifferent Children of the Earth (mobi) -- Kindle version

The Grieved

Mr. Green is dead.

Still recovering from his battle with the grower, Alex tries to move forward with his life. But a new danger stalks West Marshall. A monster that Mr. Green mentioned only once before Alex killed him.

The eater.

As Alex struggles to balance his love for Olivia and his growing attachment to Mike, he must hurry to find the eater that is hunting the people of West Marshall, for the eater has marked Alex’s family for death.

Alex has sworn to stop the eater. But first, he has to find it.

In Broken Mathematics

Months have passed since Alex stopped the monster known as the eater from ravaging the small town of West Marshall. Just when life seems to be settling into something normal, an FBI agent shows up on Alex's doorstep, wanting to know where he was the night Melanie Evans died. As Alex scrambles to cover the trail that connects him to the string of deaths in West Marshall, another quickener arrives in town, and the dead begin to rise. Alex must find this new quickener, and fast--before he and his friends are killed.

The Sacraments of Summer

The school year is over. It's finally summer. Time for sleeping in, spending time with friends, and forgetting everything from school.

Except not for Alex León. At the first party celebrating the end of school, another student is victim of a brutal beating, and Alex suspects magic. As he investigates, though, he realizes that he is not the only one looking for answers. Mercenaries are sweeping Spinner County, searching for something, and new monsters prowl the forests around West Marshall. Meanwhile, inexplicable violence plagues the quiet Midwestern town as neighbors turn on each other.

As Alex grows closer to understanding the series of seemingly unprovoked attacks throughout his community, he comes face to a face with an enemy he thought he had destroyed. And when he uncovers a longer history to the tragedies of West Marshall, Alex learns that the price to end the violence is within his reach: the life of an innocent girl.

A girl he has promised to protect.