Thursday, September 4, 2014

Blue Island Gods Pre-order

Well, the pre-order is live for Blue Island Gods. You can find it here. The book will be released on 1 October, just a few weeks away!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Blue Island Gods Giveaway!

After another long absence (during which I was being very productive!), I'm happy to be back with a few announcements.

First, here's the cover for my book Blue Island Gods, which will be available for sale on October 1.

Second, I'm currently running a giveaway for Blue Island Gods in two spots: first, at Goodreads (which you can enter using the widget on the right); and second, at Librarything. The Librarything giveaway is for an ebook copy. The Goodreads giveaway is for a hard copy. Both contests end 9/15.

Third, if you enter the contest and don't win, don't be too disappointed. You can still subscribe to my mailing list and I'll send you a free copy of Blue Island Gods (in ebook form) when it's released.

Fourth, the first two books in my next series have been drafted. I'm working on getting them revised and ready for publication. Expect to see them in late October or November. They form the first half of a quartet of books (I'm still working on a title for the series) set in 1920s St. Louis.

Fifth, I'm going to be serializing Blue Island Gods and The Weeping Lore (the first book of the next series). I won't start until the books are released for publication, but if you're not ready to buy AND you don't want to sign up for the mailing list, that will be an easy way to read the books in installments.

I'm really excited to share these books with you. There will be more posts over the next couple weeks as everything comes together for Blue Island Gods, but for now, I'll end here!