Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Ok, I'm back, and here's a quick status report:

Well, to be honest, not nearly as much writing happened as I had hoped. I only ended up losing two weeks of time, but that's still a good chunk. The problem is that the traveling conditions made it almost impossible for me to get any writing done during those two weeks. However, I did get a lot of Flood plotted out, which was good, and I'm back to working on the last bit of Indifferent. I've heard back from almost all my readers on Dew, so I'll be working through those comments, and Dew should be up for sale in a few weeks.

Once Dew goes up for sale, I'll be putting Fold Thunder back at full price. As with Fold Thunder, I plan on giving away Dew for free, so that's something you can look forward to. If you haven't grabbed Fold Thunder, I suggest getting it now. Flood, the sequel to Fold Thunder, is up next in the writing queue (after Indifferent). I'm hoping that means it will be done by Christmas, but I'm not sure if that's feasible.

So, short-term, look for Dew in the next few weeks. That's book one of a new series. Mid-term, look for Indifferent, also first book in a new series. Then around the end of the year, look for Flood, book two of The Rim and the Shore (of which Fold Thunder is the first book).

In addition to plotting Flood, I got some really good brainstorming work done on new stories and magic systems. Don't worry, though--I've got my hands full juggling these three series, so I won't be starting any new projects until I've completed the three series I've got going right now. Still, it's fun to play around with new ideas!

As a final item, here's a test cover for Dew (full name, The Dew of Flesh, book one of the series Flesh and Fell).

Glad to be back! Hope all is well with you!

Monday, August 1, 2011

All Quiet on the Blog Front

I just wanted to let you all know that, most likely, there will not be any updates to the blog in August. I will be traveling for almost the entire month, and I will have limited internet access. Rest assured that I will still be working on Indifferent and Dew, and that while the travel will interrupt my time on the blog, it will not interrupt my writing (too much). Emails, for the same reason, will also likely go unanswered.

Enjoy the month! I'll be back in September, and a few weeks later you should see Dew go live for sale.